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Cenon Control Panel for iPad


The Cenon Control app is a machine control-panel for the manufacturing software Cenon CAM (running on Mac). Cenon Control connects to Cenon via your local WiFi network. Once connected, you can control your machine and output via the iPad, right from the best position around your machine, and with a perfect view of your work piece.


  • Position machine in multiple ways:
    buttons, Numeric Key-Pad, Tick Wheel, or by pointing the position on the machine table
  • Camera-Image for positioning as well as Camera+Targeting (gauging of work pieces)
  • Switches
  • Manage vacuum tables and stoppers in machine display
  • Start, Pause, Continue, Stop
  • Alerts, like being asked to insert a tool (for a machine without automatic tool changer)
  • ...
  • The control panel in iPad an Cenon can be used side by side

Overview as PDF [790kb]

Beta-Releases via Test-Flight

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