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Engraving with Pick-Out (Carving)

For very fine engravings, Cenon offers the "Pick-Out". The Pick-Out can be applied for all kinds of stamps and embossing tools, as well as for engraving coins.

The Pick-Out enables you to create very delicate engravings of your graphic-design by adjusting the immersion depth of the engraving tool, lifting the tool while moving into tight corners, for example serifs of letters. It's a must have for every fine engraving.


Pick-Out with conical tool

The Pick-Out is always done with a conical tool. When the engraving tool is entering tight corners or narrow paths, the tool will be lifted three-dimensionally to engrave with a reduced diameter. This way, even the finest aspects of the graphics can be engraved.


Clear-Out with cylindrical tool

To achieve fast clear-outs of filled areas, a second cylindrical tool of bigger diameter can be applied. This way no time is wasted.
You can either apply a standard filling (bottom/left image) or Cenon's contour filling (top/left images). The advantage of the contour fill is a very esthetic appearance.



Before starting the output, you can check the results of the Pick-Out and fillings on the screen. If necessary you can make adjustments to the tool-diameters.







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