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Cenon Features

Cenon is a universal manufacturing software and accompanies it's users from the Design (or Import), via the Pre-Production process, to the control of the machine.
Cenon drives machines with 2 1/2 and 3 axis. A 4th axis may be added as a tangential axis. The X or Y axis can be replaced by a circular axis.
Cenon unfolds it's full potential with all machines and tool plotters that allow Direct Numeric Control (DNC). Even without DNC, Cenon is still a one of it's kind pre-manufacturing tool.
The mayor platform of Cenon is Apple Mac OS X.


  • Import of SVG, DXF, HPGL, PostScript (PS and EPS), PDF, Adobe Illustrator 3, Gerber, Drill-Data (Sieb&Meyer, Excellon, ...), ...
  • Import of raster images (TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.)
  • Automatic seperation of colors to layers
  • Automatic join of paths
  • Import of text lists in ASCII format for mass production

  • Export of DXF, HPGL, PostScript (PS und EPS), PDF, Extended Gerber, ...
  • NC Files (G-Code or HPGL derivates)
  • ...
Graphics and Editing

  • Lines, bezier curves, arcs, rectangles, Poly-Lines, etc.
  • Threads, Countersinks, Webs, Drill-Markers
  • Complex paths with the ability to join, punch etc.
  • Multi line text with rich text attributes (RTF)
  • Use of Adobe Type 1 Fonts, True Type Fonts, and others
  • Graphic inspectors
  • Functions for alignment of graphic elements
  • Multi level Undo and Redo
  • Scroll-Zoom, Area Zoom, and Zoom stages
  • ...
CAM Functions

  • Serial-numbers
  • Placement of Drills and other elements on intersections of vectors
  • Special functions for effective serial production
  • Random mix function
  • Rapid Prototyping of Printed Circuit Boards (Option)
  • Flexible Automation: custom defined Panel for (Option)
  • ...
Pre-Production (turning Graphics into Output)

  • Tool radius compensation (inline, outline, right, left)
  • Inlays
  • Engraving with Pick-Out (Carving) as well as carving of raised objects (V-Carve)
  • Standard- and Contourfill
  • Output generation directly from raster images without previous vektor to raster convesion.
  • Output optimization
  • Batch Production
  • Real-Time output calculation and re-calculation of modifications
  • Preview of output
  • Run-Time Calculation of Machining Times (real-time)
  • Choice of Vector and Raster algorithms
  • Camera+Targeting for automatic work-piece recognition [Option]
    • automatic measuring of working pieces and transformation of output, can be used to correct imprecisions of print-outs in large-scale advertisements, etc.
    • automatic recognition of position and rotation of working pieces
    • Corner-Recognition of material like front panels
    • Recognition of Position and Rotaion after flippig over of a working piece
    • all features supported in batch production, too
  • ...
Tool Management

  • Comfortable tool management using tool magazines
  • Assignment of tools to layers
  • Adjusting of tool parameters (feed, revolution, etc.) during output
  • ...

  • Full interactive Control of machining directly from Cenon (no need to export/import NC files)
  • Alternative: output of NC-Data to file, and manufacturing from a Machine Terminal
  • Interpolation of up to 3 axis, including circular axis
  • configurable switching options (for example for cooling, suction, flooding, moisture)
  • Milling, engraving, drilling, plotting, cutting, Pocketing, etc.
  • Thread cutting, Countersinks, Webs/Bridges, ...
  • Stepwise machining, Smoothing, ...
  • Position memory for different starting points (e. g. for different fixing attachments)
  • Output to machines of most manufacturers supporting ISO/DIN 66025 (G-Codes), Gerber NGC, and HPGL derivates (also plotters and cutting plotters)
  • support of Tangential cutter on 4th axis
  • support of circular axis as X or Y axis
  • iPad App to control the machine
  • ...

Cenon - productive since 1992

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Rotation axis as 4. axis

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