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Cenon CAM 3.9.1
Ammerbuch, 2010-05-04
  Not really a minor release: The release 3.9.1 of Cenon, the Manufacturing Software for Mac, is available now. The new release provides several dozen improvements as well as new features. The list of changes is no shorter than that of the previous major release!

Cenon is a modern manufacturing software for Apple computers. On this platform, Cenon enjoys a state-of-the-art user interface that does creates envy. And this not only on a Mac Book Pro Unibody, whose body is manufactured from a solid slab of aluminum! Though this isn't done using Cenon (yet), it can be. Who will be the first to create a MacBook Unibody from a copper slab using Cenon?
With this new release 3.9.1, Cenon mastered another mile stone on it's way:

  • Better integration into the manufacturing environment
  • Further optimization of the output performance
  • Camera+Targeting: Material Corner Recognition, plus the ability to transform without skaling
  • Adoption to Mac OS 10.6, Snow Leopard

Better integration into the manufacturing environment

Cenon now offers to save and reload the working environment, that is all open Documents and Jobs. The positions and size of all documents on the screen are saved as a snap-shot under a name, and can be restored. Starting Cenon, the Default Snapshot will be loaded. With snap-shots you can easiliy switch between complex working environments and different tasks.
Additionally, Cenon allows the arrangement of windows and panels in a sizable raster. This easily allows arranging windows in rows and columns for a better overview, keeping the focus where it belongs.
Also, Cenon enjoyed many more modifications for improved intuitive use and feel.

Further optimization of the manufacturing performance

To further accelerate the processing speed and to better avoid loosening of working pieces, the contour fill (rubout) can now be done from inside to outside for all objects (so far circles). When using webs and approach angles, output remains from outside to inside, of course.

Camera+Targeting with Material Corner Recognition

Due to demand for industrial applications of Cenon's Camera+Targeting, the camera gauging can now automatically recognize material corners. This new capability can be used to automatically recognize the location and rotation of Front-Panels and Printed-Circuit-Boards. Also flipping of a Printed-Circuit-Board to process the second side is now easily possible without special provisions.
Another major improvement on this line is the possibility to transform the output without scaling, that is positioning and rotation only. For example, when processing a Front-Panel, the exactness of cut-outs is a lot more important than to fit the output to the (deformed) material (latter on the other hand is needed in sign-making for cutting large-scale prints). Now Cenon offers both.
Applications of the new possibilities are in the industrial manufacturing.
Further information on camera gauging

Mac OS 10.6, Snow Leopard

The new Apple release demanded some adoption on Cenon, especially the handling of raster images, which has been completely rewritten in Mac OS 10.6. Also the display of Single Line Fonts has been improved.

What is new in Cenon version 3.9.1 ?

  • Camera+Targeting: recognition of material corners, and non-elastic transformation
  • Camera+Targeting: new fault-tolerant elastic transformation algorithm
  • Output-Performance: Contour-Fill from inside to outside without lifting Z-axis
  • Snap Shot of the work space, sizeable grid for windows and panels
  • Editing functions: editing modes can now be exited with a right mouse click
  • Optimization for Mac OS 10.6, Snow-Leopard
  • and much more
The complete list of changes are found in the Change-Log 3.9

Optimized moves (blue plus output paths in black) of the contour fill (left),
Screenshot showing Camera gauging of a front panel with Material Corner Recognition (right).

Batch production of Front-Panels with Cenon (left). Printed Circuit Boards (right).

List of Images:
Batch production of Front-Panels [650KB]
Printed Circuit Boards [569KB]
Example Contour Fill [72KB]
Camera+Targeting Material Corner Recognition [424KB]

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